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How to Unsend Invite Message on Instagram – 2023 (Invite Sent Message Problem)

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Hello Everyone, so our today’s topic is How to Unsend Invite Message on Instagram – 2023, We have already explained to you about the new Instagram Update or You can say the New Feature “Instagram Invite to Chat” but today we are getting so many queries regarding Invite Sent Message Problem. But before we continue I would like to suggest you if you still don’t know about this update, please check out this Instagram Invite to Chat post, then continue the article.

This is not a serious issue but if you have Invited someone to chat, but they have not accepted yet, and now your mind is changed due to self-respect or whatever the reason, you want to Unsend that Invite, but you are unable to do, because you are not getting Unsend option.

How to Unsend Invite Message on Instagram

What to do Now? Don’t worry we are here for you, We will guide you to every possible solution available on How to Unsend Invite Message on Instagram. So, Let’s get started.

What is Invite Sent Message Problem

Before we start I would like to elaborate the problem, so that you will be sure about your actual issue. After the Instagram new update, whenever you try to send a message to someone, if they do not follow you, no matter if you follow them, you can only send one message, and it will go to them as an Invitation to Chat. You can continue your chat only if they accept your Invitation.

Now the problem is once you send the Invite, you do not have access to send another message again or Unsend the previous one. Now, if they are not accepting your request, You want to delete the Invitation or the message you sent earlier, but you are unable to delete it because the Unsend button is not there?

So, Now Let’s see the possible ways to delete Invite Message.

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How to Unsend Invite Message on Instagram – 2023

Now the thing is Deleting the Invite Message goes against Instagram rules, and there is no way you can Unsend the Invite Message from both sides. But if you want the other person not to see who sent the Invite Message, then you can follow the steps below:-

Step 1:- Open Instagram, and go to the Profile of the Person.

Step 2:- Now Click on three dots and Block the User.

Step 3:- Now Open the Chat Box, There you will see a pop-up “Unblock” or “Delete” Just click on the Delete Button and your Invite Message will be Deleted Permanently.

Now the other person will not be able to see who sent the Message Invite to them. Always remember this method will allow you to delete the message from your side, Other users can still see the Invite Message, but the best part they will never know who sent this.

How to Unsend Invite Message on Instagram – 2023

Note:- Now You get the solution of How to Unsend Invite Message on Instagram. But you have to know one more thing if you Unblock the user whom you just blocked, then they will able to clearly see who sent them the Invitation. So, always be ready for the consequences.

How to Get Rid of Instagram Invite to Chat Option – 2023

If You are still here, we have a great bonus tip for you, Now we are gonna tell you How to Get Rid of Instagram Invite to Chat Option, Yes you heard it right. You can go back to our old Instagram and send Unlimited messages to anyone. Here how’s you can do it:-

Step 1:- Just go to Google and search for “Instagram Old Version Apk” and hit Enter.

Step 2:- Now you have to choose any website, on whom you trust the most.

Step 3:- Now just Downlo@d the Version March 30, 2023.

Step 4:- Delete Your Current Instagram and Install the Older version that you just Downlo@ded.

Step 5:- Boom, Now You can send unlimited messages to anyone, without sending them an invitation message.

By using this method you won’t have to search again for How to Unsend Invite Message on Instagram, but there are certain drawbacks of this method that you have to be aware.

  • Downlo@ding APK from Untrusted Sources may affect your Mobile Phone.
  • Using an Older Instagram Version comes with risk and security issues.
  • Older Versions of Instagram do not support new features.

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So, today we discussed How to Unsend Invite Message on Instagram, and Invite Sent Message Problem, We have tried to provide you best solution available for these issues. And I hope you liked this article. If your friend is suffering from the same issue you can share this article with your friend, this can help them a lot.

If you find any mistake in this article, or you think we should have to make changes somewhere in this article, you can simply give your suggestions and feedback by commenting down below. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Thank You.

Thank You for giving your important time to this article. 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions:-

How to Unsend Invite Message on Instagram on iPhone?

No, you can’t unsend invite message because it goes against Instagram Community Guidelines. However, you can block them so they will never know who sent the Invitation.

How to Unsend Invite Message on Instagram Android?

You cannot delete the Invite Message however you can simply block the other user, so they will never see who sent Invite Message.

How to get Rid of Invite to Chat on Instagram?

If you are an Android User, you can simply Install the older version of Instagram, then you will not get the Invite to Chat option again, We have already mentioned which version of Instagram you have to Install.

How to Send Unlimted Messages to Anyone on Instagram without Inviting them?

As we have mentioned above you should have to Install an older version of Instagram to send unlimited messages to anyone as like before. The correct version is mentioned above in the article.

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