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How to Remove Channels From Whatsapp Status – 100% Working

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How to Remove Channels From Whatsapp Status
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So, as you all know WhatsApp recently announced their new WhatsApp Channel Update, in which you can join or follow your fav. creator or social media influencer. But this update is not loved by everyone and many people were asking for How to Remove Channels From Whatsapp Status, as they don’t want to see Channel tabs on the Status Bar section.

If you are also one of them don’t worry here we are for you. We are going to tell you a very simple and easy method to Remove channels from the WhatsApp Status Section, or you can say we are going tell you How to Get Rid of Channels on WhatsApp.

How to Remove Channels From Whatsapp Status

So, let’s move to our topic and find out a way on How to Remove Channels From WhatsApp Status.

What is WhatsApp Channel New Update?

Before we move to our topic on Removing Channel from WhatsApp Status, we would like to tell you more about this new WhatsApp Channel Update, maybe you will change your mind not to delete new WhatsApp Channel Update.

So, WhatsApp channels can be created only by Creators, Influencers, or Business Accounts in simple words, WhatsApp is only beneficial for those users who have a huge audience base. And as Followers or Subscribers, we can also follow our fav. creator or influencer on WhatsApp Channel to get fast and authentic updates.

In more simple words, both the Creator and Users can connect with each other with this new channel update, but in a Single Way Communication. Now you can move to our main topic How to Get Rid of Channels on Whatsapp.

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How to Remove Channels From Whatsapp Status

Now we have one and only very simple and easiest way to Remove a Channel from WhatsApp Status, just follow the steps carefully:-

Note:- First of all before proceeding further, make sure you take the latest backup of your WhatsApp Account. Otherwise, you can lose all your data.

Step 1:- After taking a Backup Delete your existing WhatsApp App, and open Google Chrome.

Step 2:- Search for “WhatsApp Old Version APK Pure” and click on the first link. (You can also d0wnlo@d Old WhatsApp from other websites, make sure to d0wnlo@d from only trusted sites.)

Step 3:- Now You will find all the Old Version of WhatsApp, You have to d0wnlo@d “WhatsApp Messenger Version” or Older Versions.

Step 4:- Now just install the WhatsApp App you just d0wnlo@ded, and make sure to restore your backup file.

Step 5:- Done. Now you can see that WhatsApp Channel is gone from your WhatsApp Application.

Now you know How to Remove Channels From WhatsApp Status, but still, you have to know some more important things before doing all these processes.

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You Should Know – How to Get Rid of Channels on Whatsapp

You can easily remove the channel option from WhatsApp by using the above method, but you should know that WhatsApp Updates not only provide you new features but also Improve Security Update, Fix Glitches, and many more things that come up with new WhatsApp Updates.

So, when you Install the old version of WhatsApp, there is a little possibility that you are risking your privacy. One more important thing, Even if you have deleted the latest WhatsApp version to remove channel from Status, once your WhatsApp old version becomes too old you will not able to use the old version again, because WhatsApp does not allow users to use their Old Versions for long time due to security and Privacy Issues.

How to Remove Channels From Whatsapp Status – 100% Working

So, if the WhatsApp New Channel Update does not bother you, don’t go back to the old version. Because not today but tomorrow you have to update your WhatsApp.


So, today we learned about How to Remove Channels From WhatsApp Status and How to Get Rid of Channels on WhatsApp. We tried to provide additional information so you can make decisions wisely. I hope you liked this article, if so you can also share this article with your friends who are also not happy with WhatsApp Channel Update.

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If you read the full article and still have confusion and questions in your mind, you can simply ask your questions by commenting below. We would be happy to assist you. Thank You.

Thank You for reading this article 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions:-

How to Delete New WhatsApp Channel Update?

You cannot directly delete the New WhatsApp Channel update but you can Install the old version of WhatsApp and then use it, you will not see the Channel update. You can follow the article for more details.

How to Get Rid of Channels on WhatsApp on iPhone?

You cannot rid of WhatsApp Channels on iPhone, because the App Store does not allow you to go back to the old version of WhatsApp

Is there any risk of using WhatsApp Old Version?

WhatsApp updates are meant to be more secure and high-security updates, if you use old WhatsApp there is also a chance of risk.

How do I remove a channel update on WhatsApp?

It is very simple just d0wnlo@d the old version of WhatsApp, when the channel update was not released and install it. For more details, you can read the article.

How to Remove Channels Option from WhatsApp Status?

We have already mentioned all the steps in the article kindly go and check the above for more details.

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