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How to Open a TikTok in Capcut – 2023 (Easiest Method)

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How to Open a TikTok in Capcut
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So, It’s been a long since we talked about TikTok, but in the last few days we have noticed people are searching for How to Open a TikTok in Capcut – 2023, and seriously it’s not a very complicated task. It is a very easy task, to Use the Capcut Template from Tiktok, or Open any Capcut TikTok Template in the Capcut App. So, if you want to learn all these things, just read the article from start to end, Also we will provide you a solution If TikTok Video not Opening in Capcut.

How to Open a TikTok in Capcut

So, Let’s get started and move to our topic How to Open a TikTok in Capcut – 2023.

What is Capcut?

So, Before we start How to Open TikTok Capcut Template Video in Capcut, we would like to give a short description of the Capcut App.

In simple words Capcut is a Free Advance Video Editing Application, mainly used for creating TikTok Videos, Ads, Memes, etc. It was also included in the Top 10 Most Installing Non-Game Apps in the World. Capcut App is also known for its Reversing Video Feature, which allows users to Reverse the Video Frame by Frame, that provides the smoothest video experience, that other Video Editing Applications failed to provide.

Nowadays, Capcut is used to create viral trendy videos, with its premade templates. That is also the topic of our article How to Open a Capcut TikTok Template in Capcut App, So Let’s move to our main topic:-

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How to Open a TikTok in Capcut – 2023

So, here is the step-by-step guide to Open any Capcut TikTok Template Video on Capcut App, just follow our steps one by one:-

  • Finding a Capcut Template on TikTok:- So, First of all, You have to find a perfect template video on TikTok, For that, There are two ways:- When you start scrolling TikTok through your Homepage, and a Capcut Template Video, shows up. The second way is to search manually on TikTok for Capcut Templates. Once you find a good Capcut template video on TikTok, move to our next step:-
  • Once you find your desired Template, you will see an option “Capcut – Try this template” Just click on it. (It is necessary that you have already Installed the Capcut Application on your phone)
  • There you will see a preview of your Selected Template. Just click on “Use Template in Capcut“.
  • Now it will redirect your TikTok Video to the Capcut Application, and again you will see a Preview, On the Right-Hand side, You will see the “Use Template” option just Click on it.
  • Boom, Now just select your photo and Video, and you are good to go to create a Viral trending TikTok Video, Just export it, and use it wherever you want, and you can also make some changes from the edit section.

I hope you understand all the steps clearly, we will attach a video for more clarity. I want to add one more thing Sometimes the TikTok Capcut video does not work very well, and you do not get the option “Capcut – Try this template“. So What to do now?

How to Open a TikTok in Capcut – 2023 (Easiest Method)

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Does Not Getting This Option “Capcut – Try this Template”

So, If you find any template which you want to use in the Capcut app, but you are not getting the “Capcut – Try this Template” option in TikTok. Here are the things you can do to solve this issue:-

Method 1:- First of all if you are not getting the option “Capcut – Try this Template” in your Tiktok Capcut videos, it can be because the video is re-uploaded. Yes, if someone re-uploads any Capcut video then you will not able to see this option. Cuz TikTok failed to detect the Capcut Template.

So, the solution to this problem is not to rely on video to show up on your Homepage, because many of them are re-uploaded. However just go to the search bar on TikTok and search your desired template with the “CapCut” keyword, e.g.:- Capcut Templates. There you will see all genuine templates that you can use in the Capcut App.

Method 2:- If the first method does not work, You can try updating your TikTok App. This can solve your problem with 80% Chance.

Method 3:- If it does not work even after Updating, or you are not seeing the Update option on your App Store, or Play Store. You can simply Uninstall the TikTok App, and try re-installing it again. Hope your problem will be solved.


In this article, we learned about How to Open a TikTok in Capcut – 2023, What to do if this option is not coming “Capcut – Try this Template“, and I hope you got what you are searching for. If you like our article you can share this article with your Tiktoker friends, so that they can also create Viral, Trending Reels.

If you are having any issues regarding Tiktok, Capcut, or any other social media platforms, you can ask any question by commenting below. We will try our best to provide you with the best solution as soon as possible. Thank You.

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Thank You for giving your precious time to this Article 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions:-

How do I open a TikTok Template in CapCut?

It is a very simple task, just go to your desired TikTok Template, You will see an option “Capcut – Try this Template” just click on it. Boom You will be redirected to CapCut.

Why can’t I open CapCut Templates from TikTok?

There is only one possible reason, that the Video is re-uploaded. TikTok cannot fetch templates from re-uploaded videos. However, if this is not the case, you can go through our article to solve this problem.

What to Do If I am Not Seeing Capcut – Try this Template Option.

You can Update your TikTok App, Uninstall TikTok, and Install it again. Otherwise, just search for the templates you want from the search section of the TikTok App.

How to use the CapCut Template From TikTok on iPhone

Just find your desired template on TikTok, You will see an option “Capcut – Try this Template” just click on it. Now you are ready to use the TikTok template in the CapCut App.

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