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How to Bypass Youtube Adblock Detection – 2023 (Rid of Adblock Popup)

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How to Bypass Youtube Adblock Detection
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Nowadays YouTube is going strict and strict day by day. And trying their best to increase their revenue by blocking all the users who use Adblocker. As a user, we have a very limited time but the thing is whenever we try to watch any video on Youtube it sucks when it shows Ads, Non Skippable ads, and sometimes multiple ads on just a video, although Youtube has introduced its Youtube Premium Model to those users who do not want to see any ads while watching videos just paying some amount.

But currently, almost every Adblocker User is facing this Adblock Popup Issue on Youtube. So Is there any solution to Get Rid of YouTube Adblocker Popup and Bypass YouTube Adblock Detection? Yes, there are some ways. We have some Permanent and some Temporarily solutions. So let’s move to our topic.

How to Bypass Youtube Adblock Detection – 2023

How to Bypass Youtube Adblock Detection

So, here are some working methods to Get Rid of YouTube Adblocker Popup:-

  1. Using Alternative AdsBlocker
  2. Use VPN
  3. Use Alternative Browser – Brave Browser
  4. YouTube Premium

Now Let’s Discuss each solution in detail. Third method all time Working must read:-

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Using Alternative AdsBlocker

So, the first method is very simple, if you are getting issues with your existing Adsblocker Extensions, You can simply try out other Adsblocker Extensions. We have a list of some most trusted and most used AdsBlocker Extensions that you can use.

  • AdBlock
  • Adblock Plus
  • uBlock Origin
  • AdGuard Blocker

If you are currently using any of them, simply Remove them and try another one. There is an 80% chance this method solves your problem. According to Reddit Enchancer for Youtube is working. If not move to our next method:-

Use VPN with Inbuilt AdsBlocker

You can use VPN which provides you with built-in AdBlocking Services, but most of the VPNs are paid. So, if you can afford you can have it otherwise you can go with a Free VPN. Currently, YouTube is not able to detect VPN Adblocker, that’s why you can take benefit of it. Here are some paid and free VPNs:-

  • Total Adblock (Paid)
  • Windscriber VPN (Paid)
  • Urban VPN (Free)

If you still aren’t satisfied with the above methods and still looking for another easiest and simplest way to Stop YouTube Adblocker Popup, Here is a way for you.

Use Brave Browser

Brave Browser is one of the legendary Browser, for those who don’t like to see any ads on YouTube, Webpage, or any other place. Brave Browser became famous because it Claims not to show any Ads on its browser while browsing any page even YouTube without any Extension.

So, You can Install Brave Browser available for both Android, IOS, and Desktop. In this browser, you can consume unlimited content without any interference or Ads.

Official Brave Browser Website

YouTube Premium

If you are concerned about your Privacy and Data, and don’t want to use any VPN or other third Party Browser. You just have one last option left just go for YouTube Premium. If you think YouTube Premium is only to provide you Ads Free Experience while watching Videos so you are wrong you get many more benefits of YouTube Premium like:-

  • Ads Free Experience While Watching Videos
  • No Ads on YouTube Music
  • You can download Video or Music at High Quality
  • You Get an Enhanced Bitrate Option
  • Enables Picture in Picture Mode

These are some highlighted features you get with YouTube Premium, so if your pocket allows you can go for it, otherwise go for the above methods. One more thing you can try to have a Family Plan, Instead of an Individual Plan which will cost you less amount.

Disclaimer:- We are not promoting any Adblocker Extension, this article is only for Educational Purposes. You are solely responsible for all your actions.


These are some methods to Bypass YouTube adblock Detection. Currently, all the methods are working perfectly fine, but we do not guarantee for the future. However, we will try to update from time to time if there is a new method available.

So, that it’s for today if you want to ask any questions you can simply tell us by commenting down below. Thank You.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

How to Stop YouTube Adblocker Popup Reddit

To stop the youtube Adblocker Popup, you can use Youtube Enhancer Extension or any other extension if one of them is not working properly. Otherwise, you can go for Brave Browser also.

How to Bypass YouTube Adblock Detection

As We have mentioned in the article, if one Adblocker Extension is not working try using another, currently Enhancer for YouTube is working totally fine, you can have a try it.

How to Fix Ad blockers violate YouTube’s Terms of Service

YouTube has strict their policy regarding all YouTube ads Blocking Extension because it is affecting YouTube ads revenue. In this case, you can try Brave Browser which provides you Ads Free Experience to whole pages.

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