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How to Add More Than 10 Photos to an Instagram Reel – Trick (2023)

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How to Add More Than 10 Photos to an Instagram Reel
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Hello, Everyone Our today topic is going to be How to Add More Than 10 Photos to an Instagram Reel, it is so sad to know that you can only use 10 photos for the Instagram reels. If you are also a reel creator then I am sure you feel very limited because of this only 10 Photos limitation on Instagram reels. So, Is there any solution to add more than 10 Photos on Reels?

So, the answer is sure there are, many different ways to add more than 10 photos on Instagram Reels, you can choose any method that suits you. One more thing make sure you read the full article for better understanding.

So, Let’s move to our topic How to Add More Than 10 Photos to an Instagram Reel.

What is an Instagram Reel

Instagram Reels allows you to create short videos with up to 90 seconds. But you can only add 10 photos per reel which is so disappointing, especially when you want to share more of your favorite moments with your followers. If you want to learn How to Add More Than 10 Photos to an Instagram Reel then this article is for you.

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How To Add More Than 10 Photos To An Instagram Reel – 2023

If you want to add more than 10 Photos on Instagram reels here are some methods to do so, just follow the instructions carefully:-

Use a Third-Party App

One of the effective ways to add more than 10 photos on Instagram Reels is by utilizing third-party video editing apps. Apps like InShot, Canva, or CapCut these apps are easy to use and very popular ones that allow you to create longer videos by combining multiple images into a slideshow. Once you’ve created the slideshow, save it as a video and then upload it to your Instagram Reel. Next, I am going to tell you How To Add More Than 10 Photos To An Instagram Reel with Canva. Here we go:-

Step 1:- First, open the Canva App and tap on the ‘+‘ symbol at the bottom center of the interface.

Step 2:- Next, search ‘Instagram reel‘ in the search bar and tap on it.

Step 3:- It will make a new page with the same dimensions as Instagram reels now tap on the ‘+‘ symbol in the lower left corner.

Step 4:- Then go to the Uploads gallery icon and upload all the images that you want to share as a reel to the Canva gallery.

Step 5:- Once the images are uploaded tap on the first image to add it to the template.

Step 6:- Now add as many images as you want by tapping on the ‘+‘ icon or you can simply swipe left to add a new page.

Step 7:- Once your reel is ready ‘Tap‘ on the share icon at the top right corner.

Step 8:- Now, tap on ‘Download‘ and select your file type as ‘MP4‘ then tap on the Download Button to download your reel.

Slide Transitions

Instagram Reels has a feature called “Slide Transitions” that allows users to add smooth transitions between clips, including photos. This means you can create a Reel with more than 10 images by setting each image as a separate clip and using slide transitions that can help you to make your Reels more attractive and engaging.

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Create Part 1 and Part 2 Reels:

If you have a lot of photos to share on Instagram and want to know How to Add More Than 10 Photos to an Instagram Reel. You can divide them into two or more parts. This will make your content more manageable and easier to consume and people will be excited to see your next part. For example, if you have 20 photos of your travel experience, you can create two reels, one for the first 10 photos and one for the second 10 photos.

This will help you to keep your audience engaged and excited, as they will be looking forward to the next part of your story. If you are going to do this method please look at the tips that I have given below –

  • Make sure each part should tell a complete story or provide a complete piece of information.
  • Use clear and concise titles for each part. This will help your audience to know what to expect from each part.

Collage – How to Add More Than 10 Photos to an Instagram Reel

Collage can help you add multiple photos to an Instagram reel by combining multiple photos into a single image. You can make multiple collages to post and this can be done by using a collage app or Canva app. It’s all up to you how much creatively you want to do with your photos with collage. Once the photos have been combined into a collage, it’s time to show your creativity to the audience on Instagram as a reel.

It can help you save space on your reel. Instead of uploading multiple separate photos, It can help you tell a story or convey a message. A collage can be used to tell a story or convey a message in a more attractive way than a slideshow.

How to Add More Than 10 Photos to an Instagram Reel – Trick (2023)

NOTE: Try every app and choose one that works best for you and fits your preferences.

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Instagram Reels are a great feature for expressing your creativity and staying connected with your followers. Although there’s a limitation of 10 photos, still you can make reels with more than 10 photos by using video editing apps, and the tricks that we have discussed in this article. I hope you liked How to Add More Than 10 Photos to an Instagram Reel this article.

As we always say if you have any queries or doubts regarding this topic or any other. Feel free to ask us, it will be our pleasure to help you out. Thank You.

Thank You for for the time, Have a nice day 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Why can’t I post 10 pictures on Instagram?

Internet connectivity problems, In-App Bugs, and your app not being the most up-to-date version.

How many pictures can you add to the Instagram reel?

Instagram allows up to 50 multiple pictures in each reel. 

Why does my reel skip photos?

Your IG Reel might be skipping photos because of an App Bug or Glitch. While this is likely a temporary problem, you’ll either have to relaunch your app or do some basic troubleshooting.

Why are my reels losing views?

People scroll through Instagram reels quickly, so you need to grab their attention in the first few seconds. If your reel doesn’t have a hook or people don’t engage with it, Instagram will show it to fewer people.

How to Add More Than 10 Photos to an Instagram Reel – 2023

You can use a Video Editing App, Canva, or you can also make collages to add more and more photos on Instagram Reels. For a detailed guide, you can have a look at our article.

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