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How to Add Collaborator on Instagram After Posting – (2023 Trick)

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How to Add Collaborator on Instagram After Posting
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If Want to learn How to Add Collaborator on Instagram after posting? then you are in the right place because in this article we have covered all the information in detail that will clear your all doubts regarding How to Add Collaborator on Instagram After Posting.

Instagram is a popular platform where tons of photos and videos are shared daily. But standing out and reaching new people can be tough. That’s where Instagram’s collab feature comes in. It lets you team up with someone else to create content that reaches both your audiences.

How to Add Collaborator on Instagram After Posting

In this article, we’ll let you know How to Add Collaborator on Instagram After Posting. So, Let’s dive in!

Importance of Collaboration

Collaboration has become a crucial part of successful online strategies. By teaming up with other influencers, creators, or brands, you can use their audience to get your brand noticed and make new connections, and become more known. With collaboration, you can grow faster. Finally, collaborating can help you to create more creative content by combining the ideas of two different people.

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Why You Should Use Collabs on Your Instagram Posts

With collaborations, you can expand your content’s reach more to your followers to the followers of the account you’re collaborating with. That’s where the collab feature would be helpful, allowing you to connect to a wider audience and share your content with those who follow the collaborating account.

Here are a few reasons why you should use Instagram Collab:

1. Doubles your reach

When you want more people to see your Instagram posts, you can either pay for ads (which can be expensive) or try collaborating with others. this feature allows you to enhance your reach by partnering with other creators. This way, your post will be seen by not just your followers but also the followers of the people you’re collaborating with. This can improve your engagement and help you to get more attention and likes on your posts without spending money on ads.

2. Partner with brands and Influencers

By Using Instagram’s collaboration feature, you can team up with influencers and brands to share your content with a bigger group of people.

Brands can use this feature to promote content made by users. For instance, a clothing brand can work with someone who shares pictures or videos wearing their clothes or brands can collaborate with an influencer to create and distribute content together and expand its reach to a larger audience of followers.

3. Gain followers

Instagram’s recent algorithms have made it harder for users to naturally reach a lot of people. This applies to both well-known influencers and new users.

To solve this, you can make smart use of the collaboration feature. By teaming up with others and creating content together, you can get more followers. Doing multiple collaborations with different accounts can quickly draw many people to your profile. This is a powerful strategy to get more followers on Instagram despite the algorithm changes.

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How to Add Collaborator on Instagram After Posting

Follow the steps to add a collaborator on Instagram after posting:-

1. Tag the collaborator in the post and in the caption – One primary way to add a collaborator on Instagram after posting is by mentioning your collaborator in your post by tagging them. This helps your audience to discover their page. It works well if you have many followers and they have a decent amount of followers.

2. Ask the collaborator to repost on his feed -To boost your content’s reach, a simple way is to ask your collaboration partner to repost your photo, video, or reel on their account and tag you. This is especially useful if you’ve partnered with a brand and forgot to send them an invitation before posting.

3. Tell your collaborator to share your post on their story – It’s a good idea to also request your collaborator to share your post on their story. This way, you can capture some of their audience’s interest and increase your content’s reach.

If the earlier options don’t fit your specific needs “Add a Collaborator on Instagram after posting”, as a last option, you can delete the previous post, make a new one, and invite the desired account as a collaborator before publishing this will solve your How to Add Collaborator on Instagram After Posting problem.

NOTE- However, once a post is already published, Instagram doesn’t have a direct feature to add collaborators but there’s a way to still include them. By tapping the three dots at the top right corner to access the options menu, and then selecting “Edit.” From there, you can tag the collaborator by tapping “Tag People” and selecting their profile. This action will add their tag to the post, making it clear that they are associated with it. While this method doesn’t match the collaborative functionality but it allows you to credit and involve the collaborator in the post. Til now true collaboration can only happen before posting.

Tips for Successful Collaborative Posts

1. Choose the Right Collaborator: Choose a collaborator whose content matches your values. This makes the partnership smooth and connects well with both sides’ followers.

2. Plan Content Together: Work together with your collaborator to plan the content of the post. This will help you to keep things consistent and sends a clear message to both side audiences.

3. Engage with Both Audiences: After tagging your collaborator, take time to reply to the comments from both your followers and theirs. This shows that you’re genuine and it encourages more interaction.

How to Add Collaborator on Instagram After Posting – 2023 (Live Method)


Collaborating on Instagram is like a skill that, when it is done right, can bring some amazing outcomes. With our detailed guide, you now know How to Add Collaborator on Instagram After Posting, Add a Collaborator on Instagram after posting. Keep in mind that every collaboration is a special chance to showcase your brand, reach out to new followers, and make your online presence stronger.

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We are sure that now you have your answer on this topic (How to Add Collaborator on Instagram After Posting) so if you still have any doubts or any other questions regarding other topics you can ask us in the comment section we will make an article on that particular topic with detailed information. Hope, this article helped you with your doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Do I need to get permission from a collaborator before adding them to my post?

Yes, It is recommended to talk to them first before tagging them. This shows respect and they can respond to people effectively.

Can I add more than one collaborator on Instagram after you have posted the post?

Instagram now lets you send collaboration posts to up to 20 people. This means you can tag 20 people at once in a single post for working together.

How to invite collaborators on Instagram posts?

A. Before you post your reel or posts on Instagram, tap on “Tag people.”Next, tap on “Invite collaborator.”Search for the account you want to collaborate with and add as a partner. Once you find the account, tap on it. Finally, tap “Done.

Why is Invite Collaborator Instagram not showing?

To fix this Convert your account into a business account if it’s not already. Make sure your profile is fully filled out. Wait for about 48 hours after these changes, if your account is private, please, switch it to a public account.

How to Add Collaborator on Instagram After Posting

Kindly, read the article you will get the answer.

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